About Encise


Experience the Unmatched Standards of Data Accuracy and Analytics Services

Encise gathers and shares information about medical and pharmaceutical products. It aims to play a vibrant role in ensuring sustainable medical society through efficient systems and advanced consulting services. Encise was established in 2012 by 19 pharmaceutical wholesalers delivering pharmaceuticals to medical institutions.

This is a unique business model in the world where drug wholesales participate to share their sales information. Every day, we collect information on drug distribution and movements of out-of-hospital prescriptions, and it is executed at extremely high level of data accuracy.

Marketing Specialists (MS) of wholesalers have an intense network and contacts with all medical institutions in their respective areas, and they regularly visit them. We have access to use this network to collect and analyse such useful data, and integrate with consulting that captures customer needs.

For the Next Generation. For the Patients.