Raising information carefully
One thought and next generation

An aging society and a rapidly falling birth rate are financially burdening the nation by raising health expenditures. One key solution to creating and maintaining a society that enables its citizens to live safely and comfortably is information that reallocates medical resources appropriately based on regional and industrial needs.

At Encise, we provide customers and various organizations in the health care sector with consolidated information on drugs and medicines, information that needs to be shared. We do this based on our philosophical commitment to “contribute to a sustainable health care environment”. Through effective systems and advanced consulting services, we also help pharmaceutical and medical businesses improve productivity.

The information we collect is accumulated out of the daily activities of medical professionals, with its value becoming more readily apparent only after it has been consolidated and organized. Thus, information must be treated prudently and proactively. We therefore place high priority on the establishment of strong relationships of trust between the parties that provide and receive information, all to attain the same goal.

Encise employees adhere to the principles of “trust, appreciation, and contribution.”
In a diversifying organization, we have trust in each other, express our thanks to others,and make specific contributions to the team.
All of these efforts lead to solid teamwork and a speedy response to changes in the environment.
Our goal is to put Encise’s philosophical principles into practice and to make Encise a company that enables employees to contribute to society.

For the Next Generation. For the Patients.

Hitoshi Kimura
President & CEO
Encise Inc.

Board Profiles

Hitoshi Kimura
岩瀬 滋彦
岩瀬 滋彦
  • Board Director & CIO
  • External Director Katsuya Kato
  • External Director Taizo Kubo
  • External Director Kenichi Takase
  • External Director Masayuki Tanaka
  • External Director Taisuke Murai
  • External Director Bunji Kimura
  • Auditor Tsuyoshi Nishitani

(As of September 22, 2018)

For the Next Generation. For the Patients.