Devesh SinghHead of Encise Research Center

Devesh brings over 15 years of experience as a pharmaceutical industry analyst, strategic advisor, and investment banking professional.

Much of his career span was spent as Japan Pharma Analyst – where he successfully tracked and projected direction of healthcare reforms, outcome of some key Japanese pipeline candidates, and investment attractiveness of Japanese Pharma companies. He advised some of the top global healthcare fund-managers and leading asset management firms based in the USA and EU, and helped them in their investment decision making into Japanese pharmaceuticals.

Later, as his role as an industry expert and strategy advisor, he worked closely with managements of wide spectrum of pharma companies across the USA, EU, Emerging markets and Japan for attaining their strategic goals. He was in involved in formulating and executing cross-border strategic activities, and was part of the team in executing a major multibillion dollar M&A deal.

Prior to moving to Japan, he lived and worked in India, USA, and Germany and worked and trained himself at Mehta Partners LLC/MP Advisors, IMI Consulting GmbH and Abbott GmbH. He is a Pharmacist from India and an MBA from Stuttgart University in Germany.

Currently he lives in Japan since 2015. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family and exploring more of Japan. He is a gourmet and loves Japanese cuisine in particular.


Encise is effectively addressing some of the critical inefficiencies of traditional pharma-sales data business, at least in Japan.

Encise is unique in terms of – its heritage and foundation, superiority on data features (coverage, accuracy and speed), and introduction of some highly innovative products. However, what really sets Encise apart is its business philosophy ‘to contribute to the society’.

ERC as an arm of Encise is committed to align to its corporate philosophy - by extending research and analysis beyond commercial objectives to creating such values, and providing insight and support to policy makers and participate in continuously refining healthcare system in Japan.

For the Next Generation. For the Patients.