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Information Security Basic Guidelines

Encise is aware that it is of the utmost importance that our information assets remain secure. We aim to realize our mission of enhancing corporate value by protecting the security of the information assets in our possession against various internal and external threats, by fulfilling our social responsibility, and by maintaining consistent, stable business operations through the delivery of reliability and assurance to our customers. Encise hereby declares that we have established, and will implement and enhance the policies below for ensuring information security. Encise shall:

  1. Comply with all internal regulations when collecting, utilizing, and delivering information assets as we develop our business.
  2. Take appropriate action to prevent and/or correct, if necessary, unauthorized access to information assets and their loss, divulgence, falsification, or destruction.
  3. Comply with codes and other norms applicable to information security.
  4. Ensure that our officers and all the people engaged in our business are educated, trained on, and kept alert to the importance of information security and the proper use of information assets.
  5. Inspect, assess, and periodically audit compliance with the information security policy in an effort to maintain information security, and shall review and continuously improve the information security policy on the basis of those efforts.

Quality Management System Basic Policy

The aim of the Quality Management Basic Policy is to ensure that all those involved are aware that doing everything in their power to improve customer satisfaction in relation to the provision of pharmaceutical product-related information is our highest priority. With this in mind, we strive to reduce customer complaints to the minimum. For that reason, we have drawn up the following Quality Management Policy, and solemnly declare that we will implement and promote the same.

  1. We will build and maintain a Quality Management System based on ISO9001: 2015, and will continually work to improve the efficacy of said Quality Management System.
  2. We will set quality targets every year, evaluate the extent to which these targets are met, and strive to improve them.
  3. We will carry out an active program of education and training for directors and those engaged in operations, impressing upon them the importance of the Quality Management System, and striving to ensure that all comply with the prescribed rules.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Encise hereby declares that we have established and will implement and enhance the following policies for the protection of personal information in order to comply with the codes and other norms applicable to the protection of personal information acquired and held by us for use in our business:

  1. Collects personal information using legitimate and fair means, identifies the respective purposes of the use of specific personal information, and discloses required particulars on our website.
  2. Ensure that our officers, personnel (including employees, part-time workers, and temporary staff), contract vendors, and all other relevant persons are thoroughly trained and instructed in handling personal information properly.
  3. Take appropriate information security measures including measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and divulgence of personal information.
  4. Fully investigate potential third parties to which we are going to outsource services that require the provision of personal information, conclude contracts with such third parties, and take other legally required measures.
  5. Ensure that only personnel authorized to perform specific activities within the purposes of the use identified, shall utilize personal information to the extent required for performance of the business.
  6. Recognize that you have the right to disclose, correct, suspend the use of, and/or delete your personal information, and shall respond appropriately to such requests from you after confirming that requests to take such action have been made by the person in question.
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Database Series



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  • 市区郡版



処方箋フロー情報(Rx Flow)



BI Series(見える化)


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Database Series

Prescription Drug Sales Data

  • Nation-level Data
  • Prefecture-level Data
  • City-level Data

“EnTalk” is an annual series of webinars where prominent speakers from various fields provide timely information. The customers who have purchased certain number of “En” data are eligible to join.

Encise Database Series, the aggregated daily data with the cooperation of wholesalers nationwide, offer data by region, by drug, and by packaging unit. The data coverage rate is over 99%.

Rx Flow Data

MC is data of out-of-hospital prescription’s flow which was independently accumulated and highly maintained by using our own network with the cooperation of 16,000 MSs nationwide.

BI Series

Versatile BI Tools

  • Nation &
  • City-level

Access to variety of prescription drug sales data series designed for “Visualization”. Enable optimal behavior changes.