Key principles of Encise


The company name Encise was created by attaching the prefix “en” (from words like “encourage” and “enhance”) to the ending “cise” (from the word “precise”).

The word “encourage,” which means “to embolden or promote,“ expresses the contributions that our services exhibit on the medical society and pharmaceutical industries.

The word “enhance,” which means to “strengthen or improve,” expresses the effects that our services have on drug distribution functions.

The word “precise” expresses the idea of something that is “finely detailed, clear, and accurate” and is a concept used in the design and production of our services.

Focusing on these three core concepts, we then go a step further to add science (science, knowledge, and technology) to the mix, as it is a fundamental concept on which our services are built.

Our logo features the entirety of Encise tied together with an edging design to express once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (the Japanese word for “edge縁” is pronounced as “en,” in which another meaning is “bond” or “connection”). By being a mediator of data, we are able to foster trusting relationships with both the producers and recipients of that information.

For the Next Generation. For the Patients.