ENCISE Research Center


Offering unique analytical reports based on vast drug database and relevant expertise

The mission of the Encise Research Center (ERC) is to use various statistical data to accurately inform society about the macro and micro trends in Japan’s ethical drug distribution industry.

Providing research information focused on the local community and the pharmaceutical industry



By supplying new research and analyses related to Japan’s health care system structures (for example, linking drug sales data with Japan’s demographic trends and their various socioeconomic causes), the ERC conducts research from new perspectives that have yet to be researched in the drug industry and provides research information that can prove useful to policy formulation efforts.


Tracking and Research

The ERC monitors drug industry trends and developments by analyzing ethical drug sales data. This is more generally applicable research than that described above, but Encise periodically publishes timely information for the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

For the Next Generation. For the Patients.